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Breakfast with The Bravest:

BWTB is our Community Engagement Program event that will be held once a year at a local Conyers restaurant. Where Citizens of Rockdale County can have breakfast with Rockdale County Fire Rescue workers and the Foundation will recognize individuals in the community and RCFR Department for their bravery. 

This event will allow citizens and businesses of Rockdale county to interact and build relationships with RCFR workers.  The Foundation has a goal to make sure the RCFR workers, citizens and Rockdale Businesses truly feel like a community. 



Public Safety and Education:

RCFR Foundation has two public safety and Education programs that we want to get started within our first two (2) years of being an active Foundation. Child Safety Seat Program and Safe Places Off the Street (SPOTS).

The Child Safety Seat program is a program where Fire and Rescue workers teach proper child seat installment and education for parents and caregivers throughout our nine (9) stations. Also when available the Foundation will be able to offer Child safety seats to low income families when needed.  



Public Safety and Education:

 Safe Places Off the Street (SPOTS)

The SPOTS program designed to provide immediate assistance to families and individuals facing child and/or domestic violence at any time. The Fire and Rescue workers of Rockdale County, within the confines of designated Fire Stations, will utilize its facilities as a safe "Spot" for domestic abuse victims, abandoned infants, child abuse victims, victims of sexual exploitation and victims of sexual assault. Each Safe SPOT will be a temporary housing space for the individual that will provide immediate medical attention and confidential law enforcement interference when necessary.  


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